False Statements by NYPD Officers in Court Lead to Internal Investigation by NYPD – Issue of Cops Lying in False Arrest

Officers Giving StatementCristina Winsor was acquitted by Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Stephen Antignani on Monday the 2nd of October, 2017 following charges of disorderly conduct stemming from her participation in a Black Lives Matter rally. According to the transcript of proceedings, Judge Antignani told Neil Fenton of NYPD Legal Bureau that there were “credibility issues” with the officers that testified in the case. The officers said accused Winsor of walking on the street when in fact video showed scaffolding containing protestors on the pavement. The Officers also testified that there were no supervising officers in “white shirts” when the video showed several white shirted officers, one of whom was making an arrest.

The judge said to Fenton that the video is “totally different from what your officers, who on first blush came across quite credibly, what they told me happened.”

The department is now conducting an internal investigation of the Officers.