NY State Agrees $3 million Settlement for Wrongfully Convicted Man Who Spent 15 years Behind bars

15 years behind bars

A man from Brooklyn who was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 15 years behind bars has finally been compensated $3 million from New York State. Jabbar Collins was convicted of killing a rabbi in 1994 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Whilst in prison, he researched the law, interviewed witnesses, and lodged appeals. Throughout the process he always maintained his innocence.

After a decade of research, Mr. Collins hired a lawyer, Joel B. Rudin, who filed a motion to overturn the conviction, arguing that prosecutors had withheld key material and had knowingly presented false testimony at trial. The judge castigated Kings County District Attorneys Office and cleared Mr Collins of the conviction.

Mr. Collins then sued the state in 2011 under the Unjust Conviction Act, which requires the victim to show “through clear and convincing evidence that they were unjustly convicted”. Mr. Collins also has a suit pending against the NYPD on a civil rights claims, also filed in 2011. A judge has set an October 20, 2014, trial date while encouraging settlement talks to continue before then.

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