NYC Settles Stop-and-Frisk Suit: NYPD to Stop Targeting Minority Apartment Buildings

wrongful nypd arrest

New York City have reached a settlement in Federal Court in Manhattan to reform the NYPD ‘stop-and-frisk’ practices relating to certain private properties. This settlement follows an injunction passed by former Southern District Judge Scheindlin, which was issued against illegal stop and frisks. Such ‘stop and frisks’ formed part of NYPD policies, such as ‘Operation Clean Halls’ and the ‘Trespass Affidavit Program’, which allowed NYPD officers to stop and frisk individuals for simply being present in, or near, apartment buildings that participated in these programs. This lead to numerous unlawful false arrests of individuals who were actually entitled to be present in these apartment buildings. Now, the NYPD are no longer able to detain someone for walking through these apartment buildings or for merely visiting a friend there. The NYPD’s chief spokesman admitted that the police are still working with the buildings enrolled in these programs to “properly enforce laws” while also addressing public safety. It is hoped that this lawsuit will have a positive effect on the interactions between NYPD and the local communities and reduce the number of false and unlawful arrests.

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