NYPD Officer Arrested After Surveillance Footage Showed He Lied Under Oath

lying oath

NYPD Officer Jonathan Munoz became the latest police officer to be arrested after surveillance footage emerged that contradicted his sworn testimony.

Officer Munoz has been charged with official misconduct after he lied about the circumstances of an arrest in March 2014 in Washington Heights. Officer Munoz claimed that the individual arrested, Mr. Jason Disisto, had crouched in a fighting position and had lunged with his fists at Officer Munoz. However, surveillance footage from a nearby restaurant showed that Mr. Disisto was not in a crouching position and did not lunge at Officer Munoz. In fact, Officer Munoz arrested Mr. Disisto because he was using a cell phone to film the officer illegally search one of Mr. Disisto’s friends. Officer Munoz grabbed Mr. Disisto and threw away the phone that had been used to video the illegal search.

After the video surveillance emerged, Officer Munoz was arrested and charged with official misconduct and lying in a criminal complaint. All charges against Mr. Disisto were dismissed and Mr. Disisto has filed a lawsuit against Officer Munoz for false arrest and malicious prosecution.

This case highlights the issue of NYPD officers falsely arresting individuals for merely recording the officer’s actions on a cell phone. Police spokeswoman Sophia Mason stated that NYPD employees have been reminded not to interfere with people recording police activity, however there has been a spate of cases recently where police officers have unlawfully arrested individuals and confiscated cell phones in an attempt to cover up their own misconduct.

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