NYPD’s False Arrest Tactics Result In $75 Million Settlement

Arrest of a man

New York City announced that it is paying up to $75 million to rectify 900,000 summonses which were issued from 2007 to 2015, and subsequently dismissed due to “legal insufficiency.” The lawsuit alleged that hundreds of thousands of summonses were issued, “regardless of whether any crime of violation occurred”, in order to meet “quotas”, stated the NY Law Journal. The settlement denies the quota allegations. The deal has yet to be approved by Judge Robert W. Sweet, but after a hearing, those who have been issued these summonses will be eligible for compensation of $150 per person per incident, which will also consider summonses issued after 2015.

The NYPD stated that they had begun to make changes with the summons process before the settlement, including a new program called Justice Reboot. Justice Reboot was announced in 2015, and it changes the summons to allow police officers to include more details regarding an incident. The NYPD expects this will result in fewer summonses being dismissed due to legal insufficiency or lack of probable cause. NYPD spokesman J. Peter Donald also noted that a reduction of summons dismissed every year since 2011 can be attributed to new training and technological advances.

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